Infrastructure that can handle any load

Data center network and multiple security secures your project data

Why rely on Webglobe infrastructure?


Thanks to the data center network, multiple server security and Proxmox virtualization, you don't have to worry about any downtime. And superior backbone connectivity ensures maximum speed for your projects.

Monitoring 24/7

The Internet never sleeps. And that's why Webglobe's control mechanisms run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every snag is caught before it happens


Data is triple replicated on the server, backed up several times and then archived. Free for 30 days for each project.


Data centers are protected by both cyber security measures and multiple safeguards in terms of physical functionality.

Infrastructure diagram

Webglobe infrastructure currently consists of DC7, TTC Teleport and THP2 data centers in Prague and Sitel, Slovak Telecom and SWAN data centers in Bratislava. All meet the highest standards of security for physical access to technology, power supply and cooling.

Top environment for your projects

Network infrastructure

  • n+1 mode for high availability
  • Sell 25Gbit switches for backbone network connectivity
  • multiple 10Gbit uplinks of datacenters in Prague


  • peered with T-Mobile, ISP Alliance and 2Connect
  • 2 × 10Gbit mode from SWAN and Slovak Telecom


  • clusters on Proxmox and Libvirt-KVM platforms

Network security

  • unified access system on the Keycloak platform
  • internal security team
  • VPN for Webglobe customers
  • network monitoring to identify suspicious traffic
  • regular server updates
  • firewall in need-to-access mode

Physical security

  • data centers meeting high security standards
  • access to servers for authorized personnel only
  • data centers are monitored by 24/7 camera surveillance and physical patrolling


  • RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre)
  • Webglobe provides an important information system for the National Cyber and Information Security Agency

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