Is the domain taken?

Using WHOIS, you can look up information about the domain, including the expiration date, if you wish to continue to obtain it. Or we can help you find another suitable domain.

Find domain info

How to choose a domain

Choose a domain name that will bring you more customers (and smash your competition)

A successful domain name is easy to remember and your customers immediately know how to write it in the search bar. Stick to these 5 rules:

  • A company domain should be the same as your company name.
  • Or you can include a key word that explains your business (i.
  • Use 15 characters max.
  • Avoid dashes and other special characters.
  • And if possible also avoid foreign pronunciation.

Register your domain before someone else does.

You’ll have the address secured and start to work on the web.

    * Price is without VAT and valid for the 1st year of domain registration

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