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A safe heaven for your beloved website.

Enjoy one-click install and up to 12× higher speed!

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Stability, reliability, safety

No more website outages. We guarantee 99.98% hosting availability. And we'll take care of automatic backups and updates.

Fast WordPress in 1 click

Speed matters. Wordpress is installed in a few minutes, and thanks to Turbo Cache 12× technology, your pages will load before you say web hosting.

Less worries about migration

We know that moving a website is a drag. That’s why we’ll help you as much as possible and free of charge. Switching to us is a piece of cake, even if you have an older version of PHP and MySQL.

Support made of flesh and bones

Chatbot and untraceable phone number on the site? With us, you e‑mail and call with real people who are also available on weekends and holidays.

60-day money back guarantee

We always care about your satisfaction, even if you end up choosing a different solution.

Handy web hosting tips

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