23. 7. 2024


„Who would I recommend Webglobe to? Everyone – that's the magic of it – it can take care of a small or large multinational company.“

Mgr. Jana Černá Acrodiva - Music from Prague

ArcoDiva Management is a smaller company that focuses on a specific segment of classical music. Recording music, releasing CDs, organizing concerts, booking artists and providing a program for social events.

What do you appreciate most about working with us and our services?

In my opinion, the biggest advantages are reliability, promptness, flexibility in solving the problem, great technical support. But also the ability to explain and help even a less experienced user who can't describe exactly what they want.

How do you think we differ from other hosting companies? Why did you choose us?

Individual approach, absolute reliability and flawless functioning.

Who do you recommend our services to?

To everyone – that's the magic – they can take excellent care of a small but also a large multinational company.

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