23. 7. 2024

Luminaries Elektro Velké Pavlovice

"I have a domain with you and as soon as the information about the new service jumped out at me, I didn't hesitate a moment and created a website in WebEditor. Since then, the traffic on our website has increased."

Přemysl Cendelín Luminaries Elektro Velké Pavlovice

A little about us

We started our business in the 1990s. First we had wholesale and then we switched to retail. We have been trying to modernize and enlarge the family business with luminaries over the years and we also run a beautiful guesthouse above the shop in the picturesque surroundings of Velké Pavlovice.

Why we chose WebEditor

We have been your customers since 2018 and as soon as the information came to me that you will have a new editorial system available I was very excited to see it.

For a long time, we had several websites, but we didn't manage them ourselves, we had to have a programmer available all the time, which cost us not only money but also time. We had to wait several days for any change and we couldn't do it ourselves. With WebEditor, everything magically changed. We have been waiting for something like this for several years.

We were thrilled by the choice of templates, the photo gallery full of photos to choose from and we could easily click and edit everything ourselves. The website was asking for modernization and we have now succeeded to the letter and switched from your original content management system to WebEditor, which meets the exact parameters we need.

What has the new website already brought us?

I follow the traffic statistics on Google and since we have a new website we have about 1,000 more customers per month than the old website and this has of course increased the demand for luminaries and increased traffic to the brick-and-mortar store.

In the future, we would like to use other features such as displaying photos posted on Instagram or launching an e‑shop.

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