4. 10. 2022

A simple trick to find out who owns a domain

A simple trick to find out who owns the domain

You feel like it’s the ONE, the only domain you want, but there's one problem: it’s already taken.:( Don't despair. Maybe something can be done about it. Maybe you can buy it from the owner. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. First of all, you need to find out who the owner it is. You can find out who the domain belongs to very easily. Let's show you how.


Who owns the domain? This will tell you the WHOIS in 1 click

The owner of the domain is searched through the so-called WHOIS protocol, which contains a list of domains registered for the given ending.

Searching is simple. Just enter the domain name without the initial www.

You will find out all the basic information in it:

  • who owns the domain
  • when the domain was registered
  • by when it is paid
  • sometimes even contact the owner

If you get the message "RECORD NOT FOUND", it means that the domain is available. You can immediately register free domains here.

Domain owner found. What now?

Now you basically have 2 options:

  • You wait for the ownership of their domain to end and then check whether the domain owner has extended the lease or not. 

  • Or you get the owner’s contact and try to buy it from him/her.

If the domain is available, be quick and grab it while you can (the original owner might just have forgotten to pay on time).

How much does a domain that someone already has registered cost? This depends on your negotiation skills

If the domain is registered but not in use, you can ask the owner if he/she would be interested in selling it. If you can't find a contact directly on the website (which is a clear sign that the domain owner is interested in selling), you'll have to try your luck on Google.

 In many cases, you can find the phone number, or at least the e‑mail, in the company register.

Sometimes you can find contact only for the registrar, but not the real owner. 

In that case, you can use the services of domain brokers, who will contact the owner and find out the terms of the sale.

You can also find domains for sale on domain auctions.

Domains for sale are easy to recognize. They advertise that the domain is for sale and leave contact details for potential buyers.

But don't expect that the owner will want to sell it for cheap. 

The domain prices can span from $80 to $8000. It mainly depends on the domain ending and the business potential.

Selling domains is a business in itself. A lot of people make a living by speculating on the names of companies that have not yet managed to register a domain under their brand.

 In the end, you might be better off settling for Plan B which is going through the available domains and choosing one that isn't already taken.

If you want to see who owns a domain, visit the WHOIS site. And good luck negotiating the price! 

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