Where do I set up and redirect subdomains?

Subdomain settings and redirection can be found in the client administration. They can be directed to the domain's own FTP directory or to a URL.

A subdomain is a separate part of a website that exists within the main domain. For example: http://subdomain.webglobe.cz/ is a subdomain that exists within the main domain https://www.webglobe.cz/.

Subdomains are set up by default on your hosting so that you can just search for the /_sub directory in your domain's FTP space and create a directory with the name of the subdomain you want to use. For example, if you want to use the eshop.vasedomena.cz subdomain, create an e‑shop directory (/_sub/eshop) in the /_sub directory and copy the content of the page to be displayed on the subdomain.

In the administration you can also change the routing of all subdomains to the web root. Then all subdomains are routed to the root of your domain. In this case, automatically created subdomains do not work.

Another option for setting up subdomains is manually via the ADD SUBDOMAIN button. Here, you choose the name of the subdomain, whether you want to route it to a directory or redirect it to another URL. When routing to a directory, just specify the desired path in the _sub/ directory. You even have the option to route the domain to https.

These settings can be found in administration in the HOSTING -> WEB -> SUBDOMAINS section

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