What is a malware scanner?

Malware scanner – detect viruses on your site

A malware scanner is a tool for identifying malware whose interface can be found in the Webglobe client administration. We check the data stored in your domain space once a week with the BitNinja tool.

Files infected with malware can be found in the list in the domain administration under Hosting> Web> Malware scanner (if it is a multihosting scanner located on the main multihosting domain e. g. Multi_123456)

Who can help you with the virus?

If you do not have experience in creating/administering websites, we recommend contacting the web application administrator/programmer/technician who must clean up the content of the website, update it and ensure that a similar situation does not occur in the future if possible. Our company does not currently provide such services.

How does a virus get on your website?

A virus is most likely to enter a website if an attacker finds a security vulnerability in the source code of your website, i. e. a hole in the website's code. However, other vulnerabilities such as:

  1. Not updated apps
  2. Not updated plugins
  3. Insufficiently secure password
  4. Storing the password for the FTP account on your computer (in FileZilla, Total Commander, etc.)

How do I clean the content of a website attacked by a virus?

A more complex procedure:

You need to log in to the FTP account of the domain, download the entire content of the website to your computer and scan it with an antivirus program. Then check the database that is linked to the page. Once verified, change the password for your FTP account and update your application to the latest version.

The simpler method is only possible if the virus has been on the site for less than 14 days, not older:

In case the website was only infected within 14 days (you can find out by logging into the administration and checking the date when your site was infected in the web – malware scanner section), in your administration under Hosting > Backup you can restore your site from the day it was fine and thus you do not have to deal with the intervention of the programmer. It is recommended to perform the restore for both FTP and the database itself. 

What is the best way to secure your website?

  • updating the editorial system to the latest version
  • do not save FTP passwords to applications such as FileZilla, Total Commander, etc.
  • choose a strong password to log in to the FTP client, minimum 8 characters, lower case, upper case, number
  • ensure the security of your own computer by using an antivirus program that you update regularly

Don't have admin access? Use this link to reset your password https://admin.webglobe.cz

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