What does Webglobe's email inbox offer?

Webglobe email is always at your fingertips: both on your computer and on your mobile. And its benefits don't end there.

Webglobe email boxes offer all the functionality for working with email, a web client and support for all mail clients, security and backup. You can easily transfer all your mail from your previous provider using the migration tool in the administration.

  • online migration tool for convenient switching from another provider
  • clear environment of the new webmail
  • view the quota for an individual mailbox (in webmail, also in administration)
  • view the total quota of email hosting in administration
  • possibility to set a mailbox quota according to your needs
  • domain basket settings
  • SPF, DKIM support
  • customizable virus filter
  • POP3, SMTP, IMAP4 support + encrypted access
  • daily backups (we keep backups for 30 days)
  • autodiscover
  • IP protection and GeoIP – setting up logins to email boxes from different countries (GeoIP)

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