How do I access the web SSH console?

The web SSH console of your website can be accessed through the client administration, preferably using Google Chrome, Opera or Vivaldi.

The SSH Web console allows you to access the SSH console using a Web browser. You can work with data in your hosting space, use Composer, Git, run custom scripts, etc.

  • We recommend using a web browser (Chrome / Chromium) to work with the SSH console. Mainly because of the support for Copy/Paste.
  • After activation, you can work with the console for 1 hour, after which it will be automatically cancelled.
  • The permanent SSH console is a permanent service that you can use without time limit after activation.
  • The use of the permanent SSH console is charged according to the price list. Fees are charged to your credit account, you can check (or top up) your current balance in the module Credit.

Log into Webglobe Admin and select Services from the top menu, then click Hosting>FTP Files>WebSSH on the left.

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