How do I redirect email to another address?

With this function, you can forward emails to a completely different, arbitrary address, either as a copy or directly – the email will only be in the target mailbox to which you redirect.

You can set up the redirection of the email box to another address in the client administration in the Email section by selecting Add redirection.

You then enter the name of the specific mailbox and enter the destination email address in the 'Forward to email' field.

This is how forwarding is set up, even with a copy of the email saved in the original mailbox.

You can forward messages to multiple email addresses.

The second option is to redirect using filters after logging into a specific mailbox on Webmail.

Here in Settings – Filters – the + sign in the Filters column will open the settings where you check 'All messages' and from the drop down menu select either 'Forward message to' (without copy) or 'Send copy of message to' (with copy) and set the destination mailbox.

Another way to forward messages from an existing mailbox is to set up a link directly to your free mailbox, for example on Gmail. Just set up a connection to your account (existing email and password) with the server.

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