How do I log in to FTP?

You can log in to FTP through a browser or FTP client using the login credentials you find in the client administration. When setting up hosting, you need to set up a password first.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a protocol used to transfer your presentation files to the disk space from which your site will be presented.

To work with FTP, you need to have a program – whether it's your browser or one of the special FTP clients without which you won’t have full FTP access anyway. The FTP client also allows you to perform bulk operations on files and directories, such as copying, deleting, editing, renaming, uploading data to the server and downloading it from the server to your computer. In the FTP client, you need to define access to the remote server.

The following methods can be used to work with FTP:

To connect, you usually need to enter the following three pieces of information:

  • FTP server: or IP of the server where your presentation is directed (if you don't have the domain directed yet)
  • Username: usually your domain name
  • Access password

If you don't have FTP credentials, you can reset your password in your administration.

  • Click on the detail of your domain
  • In the menu, you will find the option Hosting – FTP and files – Ftp accounts
  • Here, you can find the IP of the server, and you have the option to change the FTP password using the Edit button

Passive mode:

It is also appropriate to "Use passive transfer mode (as WWW browser)". This option can be set in most FTP clients either directly when defining the connection or somewhere in the client settings. If you do not check this option, you may have problems connecting to or transmitting over some Internet interfaces.

If you are unable to connect to FTP using your client, the most common cause of this problem is that your security software, such as antivirus or firewall,

In this case, you need to enable this connection on your software.

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