How do I back up my data?

You can back up your data in the client administration. On the Services tab, select Hosting – Backup – Database Backups and select Backup. However, you can also use FTP backups of the domain space for site recovery and archiving, which Webglobe performs automatically on a daily basis. For FTP, the data is available approximately 14 days in advance, for databases 4 days in advance.

Database backups

In case you need to restore your site from backup for whatever reason, for example, your site has been infected, you can do this in your customer account.

Just select Services from the top menu, click Hosting > Backup on the left and select Database Backups. After you click View backups, you select the last backup from a date that you know the site has not yet been backed up and click Restore.

FTP backup

With this module, you can request access to the FTP backup space of your domain. Follow the same procedure as for restoring database backups.

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