How do I add users to Microsoft 365?

Make sure you have created mailboxes in Microsoft 365 for all users who have email in your domain before you change the MX record. Otherwise, these users without mailboxes would lose emails sent to their address in your domain after switching their domain to Microsoft 365.

  1. On the home page, select Add user. 
  2. Enter the user's first and last name, username, and select the appropriate domain. For example, if a user has the username Petr and his domain is, he will log in to Microsoft 365 by typing 
  3. Contact information – To enter optional contact information for this user, such as mobile phone and address, expand the Contact Information section and enter the information.
  4. Password – You can have Microsoft 365 automatically create a password, or you can check the I create a password option and then enter a strong password for that user. The assigned password must be changed after 90 days. You can also select Require user to change password upon first login. When the user first logs in to, they will be prompted to change their password.
  5. Because you are an administrator, you will receive a copy of the user's temporary password. If you want this new Microsoft 365 user to receive a copy of this email, in the Send password by email to these recipients field, enter the email address that the user currently has access to. Don't send an email to his new email address in Microsoft 365 because he won't receive it. You can enter up to five email addresses separated by semicolons.
  6. To assign administrator privileges to a user, expand the Roles section and select Global Administrator, or select Custom Administrator to display additional options.
  7. Expand the Product Licenses section to view the subscriptions that can be assigned to this user.
  8. Select Add. You will see a confirmation of the user account and password creation.

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