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What is commitment?

The guarantee of the time the customer will use the server is important for our cooperation. This is the only way we are able to offer the customer a really good price for server rental. You can choose a period of 12, 18, 24 or 36 months. The longer the period, the lower the monthly amount. In individual cases, we will also offer a contract without commitment, but you will have to work with us for some time.

Is it possible to combine physical and virtual servers?

Yes, we can build you a hybrid structure that combines both options, so you have a really robust infrastructure.

Why can't I choose any HW?

To be able to maintain the quality of our service, we need to use similar hardware. Therefore, it is necessary that we agree together on the brand and type of the selected server. This is the only way we will be able to backup components in stock and quickly resolve any problems.

How quickly can you repair damaged hardware?

Our technicians keep a 24/7 watch over our customers' servers. If they become dysfunctional, they immediately solve the problem and, in the worst cases, run to the datacenter to replace the damaged HW. They are able to do this within about 4 hours of detecting a problem.

Can I have multiple servers in multiple datacenters?

Yes, you can. We use the services of the state-of-the-art datacenters of T-mobile (DC7) and Superhosting (TTC2). In addition, you can also choose our datacenter in Bratislava (SVK) if you would like to separate your servers more geographically.

Can I add performance or storage to the server?

Yes, for example, we can add RAM or disks and adjust the monthly rental amount. Of course, only if there is enough space for everything in the server and it is technically possible. Therefore, it is good to choose a server with the possibility of future development. Alternatively, we can add another physical or virtual server to the infrastructure. 

Will the server belong to me, or will it be yours all the time?

The server will belong to our company, and you will lease it. At the end of its life, we will replace it with a new server to maintain the quality and reliability of our service. We would then offer you to buy the original server for a symbolic price or keep it in the structure as a development server. But of course, the price for renting would be reduced to a minimal amount.

Am I facing unplanned investments?

There are no one-off or unexpected hardware investments. If you want to increase the performance of an already running server, we will budget everything into monthly payments.

Can I switch to a managed solution?

If you don't want to continue with a dedicated server for any reason, but would like to switch to a managed solution, we are happy to help. We will design a new server infrastructure for free and manage it for you. We will take over the current server from you after agreement and you will save time and the employees or outsourced staff who have been managing the server so far.

Why don't you have your own datacenter?

Having our own datacenter would mean a loss of independence and the ability to secure a good price for our customers. Thanks to datacenter competition, we can decide where your servers are located without having to burden you with fixed fees for our own datacenter.

Can I use my licenses that I have previously purchased?

Yes, the dedicated server is for you and it's up to you how you work with it.

Why can't I set up a server automatically?

Of course, we have standard servers ready for you. However, the added value of our cooperation with customers is the quality of our advice. That's why we need to know your needs so we can work together to find the right solution for your project.

Will I have physical access to the server?

Upon agreement, you can visit your server in the datacenter with the assistance of our technicians. For security reasons, we cannot allow you to access our servers alone. Even the conditions of the datacenter itself do not allow it.

Will my server be my property?

It won't and therefore you won't have to pay for any HW repairs. Everything works like an operating lease for cars. You pay your monthly rent and don't worry about anything. It's all up to us. However, if you are interested in the server at the end of its life, you can buy it for a nominal price and use it for backup or as a development server.

Will I own the server?

No – but that's a good thing. This eliminates the hassle of operating, depreciation and the need to renew hardware. Thanks to Webglobe's server rental, you have worry-free access to up-to-date hardware, constantly monitored for performance, security and availability.

Will I have root access to the server?

Yes. You are the master of your server. In terms of OS and applications, you manage the server yourself. Webglobe takes care of the maintenance and functionality of the server hardware.

What if I don't understand servers at all?

Then a virtual managed server is the right choice for you. You will access the server through the same administration as with hosting. You will just be setting up the space for your projects on your own server, so you won't pay anything for hosting programs.

What is a managed server?

A managed server is a server with management. The customer does not have to worry about its operation at all. All monitoring, functionality and availability, security and backups are handled by Webglobe administrators. And they handle all customer requests in the same way.


What about upgrading server hardware?

Webglobe regularly refreshes the machines on which the virtual servers run – typically with the latest models from proven partners.

How do I increase the performance of my server?

The server is constantly monitored and secured by the CAF (Customer's Application First) service, which gives it enough performance when it reaches its performance limit. In such cases, we will ensure the performance, record the operation parameters and contact you to propose the optimal solution.

How do I determine the optimal server configuration?

Webglobe administrators can help you set up the server configuration to get started. However, its real demands will only become apparent once it is in operation. It's not a bad idea to oversize the performance to ensure complete functionality. In addition, you get the first 3 months free from Webglobe, which is more than enough time to test the server parameters. And you get up to 30 days a year of free CAF (Customer's Application First) service to ensure you get the performance you need even during unpredictable traffic spikes.

How to choose the right server?

It depends on the size of the project. For a small project, a virtual server is enough. A medium-sized project requires multiple virtual servers combined into an infrastructure. And the biggest projects should reserve the highest performance.

What server technologies do you use?

Webglobe administrators are continuously trained to master the modern technologies our customers demand. If you haven't found the one you want on our website, don't be afraid to ask us about it. We may already be working on implementing it.

What is the difference between a virtual server and a physical server?

A physical server can be divided into multiple virtual servers. The advantages of a virtual server are lower costs, fast scalability of resources and independence from hardware. The advantage of a physical server is that all server power is reserved for the project.

How many domains can I have on a virtual server?

There can be an unlimited number of domains on a virtual server. What limits you is the demanding nature of the individual projects on the assigned output. However, this can also be continuously increased.

I don't need that much performance anymore. Can I reduce it?

Yes. If you are sure that it is not a sudden outage, then the server performance can be reduced. However, it will probably need to be restarted.

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