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I have my webhosting elsewhere, can I keep the domain with you and just redirect it?

Of course, you can keep the domain and DNS management with us and just redirect DNS records by editing them in the client administration. 

What is the last date to renew a domain?

Domains of most extensions are still protected by a protection period after expiration, within which they can still be extended. The protection period in the Czech Republic is 60 days, but only for the first 30 days the domain is not yet available for registration to other entities. To find out what the registration and renewal periods are for other endings, click here.

What other option do I have if redirection is not enough?

If redirecting elsewhere is not enough for you, you can start your own website on WordPress, Linux or Windows with Webglobe. Alternatively, you can try creating one in the intuitive Web Editor for 30 days for free.

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